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Truck Moves, Truck Movers, Vehicle Relocators….we go by many names and provide many things to the retail and wholesale trade and distribution of trucks in Australia. As the nation’s most experienced drive away service for new and used commercial vehicles and trucks, we can also move nearly anything that’s safely operable on the road. Founded in 1988 to service the non-freight, unladen and unregistered trade of new and used commercial vehicles, we have grown to become the leading service in Australia. By offering flexibility and outstanding customer service for a one time trip or ongoing service, we can provide the right service and support to meet your needs.

Safety Metrics, GPS Tracking, KPI and QPI reporting in real-time for Trucks, Buses and Trailer moves.

Australia’s leading specialist in the delivery of commercial vehicles locally, country or interstate.
  • Vehicle delivery
  • Interstate vehicle registrations
  • Trucks, buses & more
  • Local, country, interstate, Australia wide
  • For… dealers, truck manufactures, OEM’s, Importers & more
Flexible Services
  • Last minute moves are not a problem for us, call us today.
  • We provide a driver delivery service that fits your schedule.
  • We handle assignments from coast to coast with efficient and reliable service.

Save Time & Money

We offer driveaway services to retail dealer networks, manufacturers, ASX 200 Listed Companies, as well as medium and small companies with a team of uniquely experienced professionals, strategically located around Australia to meet your unique requirements. 1 truck or 100 we have the skills to do it for you.

Our service allows you to:

  • Focus on your core competencies and save time.
  • Save money and retain high-cost staff in the most important role of customer-facing work in sales, service and manufacturing.
  • Fleet Management, Truck rental and leasing companies can decrease expenses by working with us on vehicle transfer between company locations or from the manufacturer to the sales site.
  • Waste management and construction companies, in addition to other types of businesses that depend on access to heavy vehicles, can also benefit from partnering with Truck Moves and relocate vehicles during peak demands in other states and territories instead of adding more assets or hiring them.
  • Truck Moves frees up companies to maximize their potential and gain easy access to their major assets in multiple locations.

Delivery and Fuel Estimator

All brands, All makes and models - any vehicle anywhere, anytime...

Solutions for these brands including interstate registration, trailers and large scale project builds and deployment